You can only eat at one Twin Cities restaurant for the rest of your life. Who do you pick?

Meritage gets multiple votes. But do they get yours?

Meritage gets multiple votes. But do they get yours? Tom Wallace, Star Tribune

The question above has been troubling us for the last 36 hours. 

It was posed by area Twitterer Amanda White, who asked followers on Monday:

There's a lot to consider here!

Do you go for comfort food or classy fare? Opt for somewhere that switches the menu up seasonally so you never get bored? Or, does it make sense to pick someplace with a sprawling menu to maximize your eating options?

In response to the tweet, Meritage gets multiple nods, as do Bar La Grassa and World Street Kitchen. CP staffers are on the record as Burch and Quang stans—both good choices!

Some folks are the kind of masochists who would subject their cardiovascular system to Mickey's every time they went out; for others, Hi-Lo hits all the right notes.

At first, I thought I miiiight have to side with the folks who picked Kyatchi, because if you can only eat at one place forever helps to have both sushi and hot dogs. 

But, when you really think about it, it's possible the only correct take is this one:

Who do you got? Bar La Grassa? Saint Dinette? Martina? Here we will encourage you, in early 2000s blog parlance, to "let us know your answer in the comments!"