Welp, it sure looks like Mucci's is moving into the old Meyvn space

I mean, that's what this sign would seem to indicate, right?

I mean, that's what this sign would seem to indicate, right? Emily Cassel

Meyvn closed in April after just 10 months, which was a big ol' blow to the bagel-loving folks of Lyn-Lake and of Minneapolis in general.

But days later, CP reader Matthew Steen got in touch with a choice tip: Mucci's was moving in. They'd heard the news from a "very reliable neighborhood stalwart who got this news directly from [Mucci's/Meyvn co-owner] Tim Niver," and it had "been confirmed from another certifiable Uptown person-about-town."

It would also make a lot of sense. The popular pint-sized St. Paul Italian joint makes a mean pizza montanara—the kind where the dough is flash-fried, then baked to order—and Meyvn's existing wood-fired bagel oven sure could be capably repurposed for pizza.

Niver, who's also the guy behind Saint Dinette and the dearly departed Strip Club, wouldn't confirm the existence of a Minneapolis Mucci's when we reached out for comment. But that sign pictured above sure makes it seem like this is happening, right?

It went up Friday, per Eater. Niver could reportedly be heard saying “Holy shit! Someone put a Mucci’s sign on the side of this building!” before promising to share news if/when it became available.

Mucci's opened on Randolph Avenue in 2016, when we called it "everyone's beloved classic Italian joint, reinvented." (Check out our full and fully glowing review here.) It was also our Best Service winner this year, so you'll get to check out its brand of charming hospitality on Lake Street soon.

...or not! Who can say for sure! Even Niver & Co. haven't exactly.