Welcome to the first Quarantine Games: What am I eating?

Hint: It's takeout.

Hint: It's takeout. Sarah Brumble

Many moons ago, City Pages had a running feature called "Where am I eating?"

Nowadays, the answer to that is always: My house, ya ding-dongs. As a game, that's no fun. So, welcome to a new weekly series called "What am I eating?"

This is not complicated, folks. We'll post a picture of dinner in its original takeout containers, and you comment below with a guess as to where that food came from/what the featured dishes might be. Winner gets bragging rights bolstered by a deep sense of inner fulfillment, and one free roll of drool-absorbent Bounty mailed straight to their doorstep.*

For my part, I promise never to get all tricksy by putting a home-cooked meal in takeout containers. 

Once the correct answer is guessed, this post will be updated with the restaurant's info, for your ordering pleasure. 

UPDATE 4/3/2020, 12:23 p.m.: Lauren Haun has emerged victorious in the first round of "What am I eating?" with her correct guess (submitted via Twitter) of Gorkha Palace, from northeast Minneapolis! Appearing above is a six piece MoMo Combination Platter, Palak Paneer, and Spicy Newari Chawla Chicken (served with aloo achaar, soy nut salad, and raita). Contact-less curbside pickup is available.


*This is patently false; paper goods are out of stock. Sorry to have lied to you, even briefly, during this difficult time. This game is purely a diversion.