Watch a competitive eater destroy Barnesville, Minn.'s fabled Iron Horse Burger



Where, exactly, is the beef?

Two pounds of it are waiting for iron-gutted eaters in tiny Barnesville, Minnesota. That's where the Mainline Bar & Grill taunts passersby on Interstate 94 with its Iron Horse Burger Challenge. Three patties, six strips of bacon, six slices of cheese, a mountain of fries, and a goddamn mini apple pie can be yours for free -- provided you gut it all within 30 minutes. Otherwise it's a heart-stopping $30 feast. 

Randy Santel is a recent addition to the Mainline's very-real Wall of Fame. The Missouri-based competitive eater/body builder visited Barnesville late last year, and posted evidence of his greasy victory on Monday. 

"A few people have been able to defeat [the Iron Horse Burger Challenge], but not too many," says Santel, who travels the globe gorging for his website, Food Challenges.

Our hero begins by cramming two discs of grilled beef into his mouth, working the burger down to a manageable single patty plus bun, which he promtly scarfs. Suprisingly, the remaining fries prove the grossest part of the whole ordeal. Santel wads 'em up into balls before tearing into the oil-soaked orbs. Finally, he houses the mini pie, finishing off the entire platter in 14 minutes and 25 seconds. 

Impressive! So much so, in fact, that the Mainline threw in a bonus hat prize, we're told. But engaged-yet-critical YouTuber chad jiji blasted Santel, stating, "Randy u need to eat a horse nut stew or somethin wild these challenges iz gettin maddd repetitive, eat a monkey dick spice it up." At press time, that comment had received 45 "up votes." Decide for yourself my joining the nearly 50,000 souls who've watched Randy eat that big-ass burger. 

Think you can stomach the Iron Horse Burger Challenge? The Mainline Bar & Grill is about 3 hours northwest of the Twin Cities, just outside of the Fargo-Moorhead area.