Wander North Distillery will wander off to a new location

You have until the end of the month to visit the cocktail room one last time.

You have until the end of the month to visit the cocktail room one last time. Wander North Distillery

There's a lot of stuff going on at Harding Street in northeast Minneapolis.

For one, the very fun-sounding Falling Knife Brewing Co.—with its row of pinball machines and curated jukebox—isn't far from opening, if this job posting is any indication.

Now, after five years at its facility in the same building (771 Harding St.), Wander North Distillery has announced its closing the cocktail room and moving production facilities.

“Wander North will still be in business," founder Brian Winter says in a statement. But he goes on to explain that he got into distilling to... well, to distill. He ended up spending a lot of his energy working on the lounge in Northeast instead of making or selling liquor, and he realized his time and efforts might be better spent on the distribution side.

Wander North Distillery

Wander North Distillery

"When you're a really small (one person) operation, you can't do everything," he says. "Plus, it isn't like there is a lack of places to get an alcoholic beverage in Northeast.”

Winter tells CP his team is still looking for a new location, and in the interim they'll be working with Skaavlvenn Distillery to fulfill orders.

The last day planned for the lounge is May 31, when Wander North will cap things off with a customer appreciation party.

No word yet on what'll take the distillery's place.