This Minnesota meat raffle map is the only map you'll ever need again

Like Uber, but for meat raffles in your area

Like Uber, but for meat raffles in your area Tom Wallace, Star Tribune / Minnesota Breweries

Most days, scrolling through Twitter is a montage of monotony and/or outrage.

We're all in disbelief about the same thing Tr*mp did. We're all complaining about the cold—especially on this, the week that launched a thousand Weather app screenshots. We're all—defying the odds—still sharing versions of the Distracted Boyfriend meme. 

But sometimes, a tweet comes along so stunning that you remember why we signed up for the nightmare platform in the first place. 

A tweet... like this.

Yes, on Friday, Ben Brausen of Craft Beer Time sent the beautiful combination of words above out into the universe, after bravely toiling to give us the ultimate compilation of VFWs, Elks Lodges, dives, sports bars, and bowling alleys that are giving away heaping piles of raw meat on any given night. 

Each pin includes the address, date, and time of the raffle, with a link to every establishment's website in case you want to learn a little more before you commit to one. 

This isn't the first exhaustive list over at Minnesota Breweries; the site also hosts a big ol' rundown of upcoming beer events and a brewery map not unlike the meaty version. 

So actually, you might need more than just the raffle map after all.

But like, probably no more than those two, right?

The map is hosted here, and if you do realize there's one missing, the Minnesota Breweries contact form is here.