This 4-year-old St. Paul coffee company finally landed a location of its own

Coming soon to St. Paul's West Side.

Coming soon to St. Paul's West Side. Bootstrap Coffee Roasters

When we talked to Bootstrap Coffee Roasters founder Micah Svejda last year, he told us his initial plan was actually to open a coffee shop.

He liked roasting too, so he thought maybe his cafe would roast its own beans... but eventually, he realized what he really wanted was to roast coffee. Bootstrap was born—without a retail location—in 2014.

But it looks like those cafe dreams didn't go down as easily as a cup of the Bootstrap's Blue Collar Blend: According to a recent release, Svejda's opening a St. Paul coffee shop this winter.

The West Side cafe (432 Wabasha St. S.) will showcase Bootstrap's beans, with a menu of espresso drinks and pastries. They'll sell merch, along with coffee equipment. And if you're not sure not sure how to use an AeroPress or grind your own beans just yet, there's good news there too: Bootstrap plans to offer coffee courses that cover the basics of brewing, espresso education, and more. 

“We want to showcase the seed-to-cup journey and to give a platform where customers can sip and learn collectively,” Svejda says.

What else is there to know about Bootstrap? Here's what we said in that profile last year:

His three-year-old roastery is aptly named; Svejda really is bootstrapping this operation. The former barista and cafe manager doesn’t have outside investors, and when he got his start in the bean biz in 2014, he did it in his dad’s garage with a second-hand roaster he fetched from Iowa in a UHaul. But what started as a man in a garage with a handful of wholesale customers has grown into a St. Paul-based roastery with a booming online business thanks to a rotating lineup of flavorful, accessible, short-run coffees that change with the seasons.

It's worth noting that Svejda's been in St. Paul all along, roasting and running the business out of Vandalia Tower as it grew to supply coffee to more than 50 local restaurants, co-ops, and cafes.

Construction kicked off last week, and Svejda is looking to move roasting operations to Wabasha Street by January with the coffee counter to open the following month.