The McRib is back

Hello, old friend.

Hello, old friend. McDonald's

It's back. 

By "it," we are of course referring to that sweet, BBQ-slathered McDonald's meat creation known only as the McRib, and by "back," we mean that it's available now at 9,000s Mickey D's locations—for a limited time. 

That's right, fast food fans. As we enter the most spooktacular season of the year, the McRib—like Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and the shark from Jaws—has returned for one more scare.

(In this story, it's your arteries who should be terrified.)

The ribby sandwich debuted in 1981, but disappeared from menus shortly after. Since 2010, the fast food chain has brought it back for a limited engagement once (almost) every year, giving fans a brief, glorious window in which to wolf down and/or stockpile the sub.

Suddenly craving the unsettling sensation of sinking your teeth into a rib-shaped slab that contains no ribs?

God, so are we.

A tweet from Ronald McDonald himself promises that the McRib will land on October 29. But over at the beefy database folks have already started sharing photographic evidence of the sammy's return. Complete with dated receipts.

Speaking of, the site is, incredibly, not run by McDonald's but by a McRib superfan named Alan who's based in Minneapolis. Or at least, he was in 2009.

Local angle!