The high is 50 degrees today... time to try these new Minneapolis ice cream shops


The Cinnamonster at Loulou Sweet & Savory is an autumnal treat that comes with a tranche of churro

Not to get all let's-make-small-talk-about-the-weather on you, but uh, it's been a hell of a weird month, weather-wise.

After kicking off November with near-record lows and a little bit of snow, temps climbed to 60 degrees on Black Friday (24 degrees above average), kicking off a toasty weekend that bled into a downright balmy Monday.

That trend's set to continue for the rest of the week -- expect sunny days with highs in the upper 40s -- which means now's the time (maybe the last time for a while) to cool off with some frozen desserts. Consider checking out these two new ice cream shops, which bravely debuted just before winter sets in.

Loulou Sweet & Savory
Maybe you've seen their hot-pink treat trailer popping up around town, but these days you can get your sweets fix at Loulou every day of the week; the Thai rolled ice cream shop opened an Uptown brick-and-mortar on November 18. In case you've missed the rolled ice cream blitz taking over the Twin Cities, here's how it works: A liquid base is poured onto a frozen surface, where it's adorned with an assortment of toppings. Think making pancakes, but... cold. And you don't flip 'em; the sheets are rolled up with a spatula, arranged in a highly-Instagrammable rose-like shape, and topped with more deliciousness.

Loulou Sweet & Savory
2839 Emerson Ave. S., Minneapolis; 844-400-3287

Crepe & Spoon
The "spoon" part of Crepe & Spoon -- which opened just last week -- refers to an array of vegan ice cream treats meant to delight both dairy-free and dairy-loving dessert fiends. “I wanted ice cream that tasted like the flavors, not just dairy fat,” owner Rachel Booth told City Pages earlier this month. If you can't be convinced to skip out on the milk (it is called ice cream, after all), this new shop in Northeast has you covered there, too, with a handful of flavors that do contain dairy. (We dug the blueberry goat cheese, which beautifully married tangy goat cheese with teeny, tart berries.)

Crepe & Spoon
339 22nd Ave. NE, Minneapolis; 763-205-0978

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