Tap Society to bring burgers, shakes, and self-serve beer to the old Kings Wine Bar space

Coming soon...

Coming soon... Tap Society

A tight turnaround is underway in south Minneapolis.

Kings Wine Bar only served its last bowl of pho at 4445 Grand Ave. S. on March 31, but the space won’t be empty long -- as you can see from the posters plastered in the windows above, it'll have new tenants in Tap Society as soon as June.

Tap Society's been operating as a pop-up pub since August, selling burgers and fries and shakes out of Cave Vin while the folks behind it hunted for a permanent location. And while the expanded menu at the society's permanent home will include additional bar snacks, plus veggie burgers for the meat-free crowd, owner Mike Fritz tells us that classic cheeseburgers -- ya know, "American cheese, sauteed onions, our special sauce" -- will still be the focus here.

"It's pretty simple," he says, "and we want to keep it that way so we can keep our prices realistic and good for the neighborhood."

Perhaps you've noticed, however, that this place isn't called Burger Society -- good eye! The name comes from the tap wall; this'll be the latest place in town with self-serve beer, wine, and cider on 26 pour-by-the-ounce taps.

When it comes to which breweries they're planning to work with, Fritz isn't ready to name names just yet. "We don't necessarily want to say we're just going to do local beers," he says, "but we like really good beer."

One thing he says is for sure is that your choices won't be limited to 11% ABV hop bombs or decadently dark imperial stouts. "We're gonna have cheaper stuff on tap for the people who want cheaper stuff -- Coors Light, or whatever -- we're going to have some of that."

In the meantime, as those draft lists and menus are finalized, they'll continue popping up at Cave Vin for the next three weekends, according to Facebook.

Tap Society
4445 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis