Sushi Tango bows out of Uptown

Sushi Tango / Instagram

Sushi Tango / Instagram

Buried in today’s news that the retail hub FKA Calhoun Square would henceforth go by “Seven Points” was word that Sushi Tango has left Minneapolis for the ‘burbs.

It had been going strong in Uptown, toeing a line between hosting all-out bacchanalian feasts and honoring fine cuisine, for more than 18 years. Few sushi joints could say the same.

From its perch above H&M and Kitchen Window, the place had cultivated a clientele who flocked to it for quality sushi that became ridiculously affordable at happy hours, all wrapped in a party-like atmosphere that kept the ambiance light, day or night. 

Heck, there’s good reason Sushi Tango was awarded Best Happy Hour from this very publication! 

But when things became a little less happy as the pandemic descended, the place fell terribly quiet, never to recover.

As Alistair Parry, senior vice president of Northpond Partners (owners of the Calhoun-Seven-Points retail space), told the Star Tribune, Sushi Tango was “hammered by COVID-19,” and simply decided not to renew its lease on the space. This comes on the heels of fellow food and drink tenants Fig + Farro shuttering in May, and Dogwood Coffee following suit in June.

For those heading that direction, Roat Osha Thai and People’s Organic continue providing sustenance in the mall-hall.

And for those of us who just might need to relive the golden days of tossing back too many caterpillar rolls with a Jameson chaser after a particularly long day? (Don't judge.) That dream isn’t entirely dead, even if it can't be found at the intersection of Hennepin and Lake: Sushi Tango invites us to follow them to their Woodbury location in Tamarack Village.