Survey: Minnesota's most popular fair food is... onion rings?

We have some (many) questions.

We have some (many) questions. Courtesy Gurney's

One day we’ll wake up and the bad surprises will end…

Today’s “WTF is this?” moment was brought to our attention courtesy the folks at Gurney’s. For some reason, the seed and nursery company – No, of course they don’t make hospital beds, that would make too much sense! – conducted a study to discover each state’s favorite fair food.

Apparently “we” Minnesotans love onion rings. 

Though we have many questions about this, the first is: Who are you people? Please show yourselves.

We just need to know whomst among us favors onion rings above, say, the traditional Pronto Pup, maybe Tom Thumb mini donuts, and cheese curds from the Mouth Trap, or sweet corn ice cream (if ya fancy). This list could go on, but we'll stop.

As longtime fans of absurd state fair foods, understand that we’re not even trying to get you to appreciate one of those Lisa Frank-esque soft serve ice cream served in a cotton candy halo. Stepping out to a, or The, fair and seeking out onion rings – a perfectly fine food, which is also available at sports bars nationwide – is just a big mood.

Our neighbors fared equally weird in Gurney's survey, to be fair. Check out Iowa! 

It would seem our southern friends are huge fans of… Deep Fried Butter? We don’t even know what that is, but boy howdy do we hope to find out! The wonders of this here study never cease. 

According to Gurney’s methodology, results were gleaned from Google Trends data for popular fair food searches, so either we shouldn’t trust the internet (*pregnant pause*) or much like the polls leading up to the 2016 presidential election, many of our kin may not admit aloud their actual preferences. 

So, yunno, be vigilant! And maybe (please) do better.