St. Genevieve Cometh: A New Restaurant from Steven Brown

Lynn on Bryant will become St. Genevieve, a "Buvette" from Steven Brown.

Lynn on Bryant will become St. Genevieve, a "Buvette" from Steven Brown.

Dara Moskowitz reported yesterday that Steven Brown will open a second restaurant in 2015, in the old Lynn on Bryant space. That restaurant will be called St. Genevieve, which according to her is one of the few details about the place he's ready to divulge.

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"It's because St. Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris, Brown's daughter's birthday happens to fall on St. Genevieve's feast day, and Philip Becht, chef of Victor's on Water and a longtime best pal of Brown's, had a motorcycle for many years called St. Genevieve, which led a good and fast-going life until it died a noble death on the side of the road in Montana."

Aside from that, Brown says the new spot will be a "buvette."

A wha?

It's a French word with a loose translation as a "little cafe."

Brown says he will serve typical French things, like open-faced tartine sandwiches, soup, and French beer.

He's currently not long on other details, as he'd rather under promise and over deliver, but he is using the same designer, Heather Keena, who is responsible for the transporting, old-timey train car feel of Tilia. Like that space, St. Genevieve will be a place to relax. With French beer.

Très bien.

Look for it in spring or summer 2015.

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