Sister Mary at Claddagh Coffee: Make a habit of this drink of the week


Dogwood espresso gets whacked with blood orange and caramel by Sister Mary

Sister Mary Claddagh
Claddagh Coffee

While you spent the two-, three-, or four-day weekend cavorting in cut-offs and toasting to 'Merica, your body was slowly but surely rebelling against your youthful delusion of a consequence-free bender. Still recovering? Indulge in a Sister Mary from Claddagh Coffee, a short, sweet pick me up that'll get you one workday closer to the weekend.


With a clever mixture of blood orange puree and a lip-smacking good house-made caramel sauce, Sister Mary Claddagh packs the caffeine equivalent of a sharp rap to the wrists, thanks to a potent shot of Dogwood espresso tossed in the mix. Weighing in at a perfectly manageable six ounces, the good Sister is the perfect size for a quick, satisfying zing. You've made it through a solid three days of consecutive work; it's definitely time to treat yourself.

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