Seven Steakhouse and Sushi re-does menus and decor to feel less nightclub-y

Seven's food has changed as much as its decor.

Seven's food has changed as much as its decor. Stacy Brooks

Seven Steakhouse & Sushi plays many roles in Minneapolis’ Theater District. It’s a special occasion steakhouse, an event space, a sushi restaurant, and a swoon-worthy rooftop destination. However, as general manager Yoom Nguyen explains, a costume change for Seven’s second floor sushi level was in order. 

The problem? Well, it didn’t really look like a restaurant.

“We toned it down a lot,” he explains. “The ambiance was like a Vegas nightclub wannabe. You couldn’t even see your food.”

The sushi level now has a more cohesive feel, with a better flow and more restrained color palette. There’s plenty of warm, soft lighting, thanks to globe-shaped pendant lights. That funky furniture by the windows in the lounge area? According to Nguyen, it once graced Paisley Park. 

In addition to the decor refresh, they’ve also updated menus for the sushi level and the steakhouse on the first floor.

“The food has changed a lot, we’re using more local providers,” Nguyen says. “I was inspired by places I love to eat at. I want this to be a place you take your mom and dad for a special occasion.” (We suspect that Nguyen’s parents have some pretty high standards: They own the much beloved Lotus Restaurant.)

Nguyen notes that the sushi menu emphasizes high-quality ingredients like king crab, and he says that he’s recruited “some of the best sushi chefs in town.”

“I want our food to leave an ‘oompf’ on the palate—something you can’t get anywhere else,” he says. 

An example of that “oompf” is the millionaire roll, which features king crab, truffle mayo, and a delicate garnish of edible gold leaf. On paper, it sounds a little nuts, but to one’s taste buds it becomes a satisfying luxury. The truffle notes are light enough to enhance the crab instead of overpowering it, and it’s a combo that really works. Granted, the gold leaf doesn’t add anything in the way of flavor—but it makes for a stunning presentation. 

“I think like I’m feeding my mom,” Nguyen says. “It has to be the best.”

Courtesy of Seven Steakhouse and Sushi

Courtesy of Seven Steakhouse and Sushi

Courtesy of Seven Steakhouse and Sushi

Courtesy of Seven Steakhouse and Sushi


Seven Steakhouse & Sushi
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