Get chilled ramen and other summertime fare at Ramen Kazama

Summer ramen and a Pabst: Ramen can be refreshing!

Summer ramen and a Pabst: Ramen can be refreshing!

If a bowl of piping hot ramen doesn't call out to you now that summer temps are finally here, do not fear. You needn't avoid your favorite noodle shop completely. Ramen Kazama has got some cool fixes for your slurping pleasure. 

They're now serving “hiyashi chuka” (say that 10 times fast with your mouth full of noodles), which is a summertime ramen. The noodles are served over chilled broth, then garnished with shredded cucumber, tomato, and seaweed with just the right amount of pork for flavor. 

Coming sometime in June, the restaurant will be adding "tsukemen," a ramen preparation where the noodles ride sidecar to the broth, allowing the eater to dip the noodles then slurp, eliminating the need to interface with big bowl of hot soup. It's really a genius thing if you think about it. 

Also, lovers of cheap beer listen up: Ramen Kazama is adding a bunch of drinkable cans just for you, at prices you can't argue with. Which is to say, $2.50. If beer isn't your thing, watch the menu for Sochu, which is also coming soon. It's a Japanese rice brew that contains more alcohol than wine but less than spirits. It's the perfect summer sipper. 

Enjoy all of this goodness on the new patio, where six tables means 24 additional seats to the ever-crowded dining room. 

Happy summer slurping. 

Ramen Kazama

3400 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis