Red Cow set to open in former Uptown Green Mill space

Red Cow's "Double Barrel Burger" is on its way to Uptown.

Red Cow's "Double Barrel Burger" is on its way to Uptown. Red Cow MN Facebook

The closure of the Uptown Minneapolis Green Mill last winter left a gaping hole in the neighborhood's dining scene.

Sure, people around there could pick at any number of pretty little bites of specially prepared inventions, seasoned (and priced) just so, inspired by a reccurring dream the chef has after his most recent trip to [insert exotic foreign city, and not even the capital city, like, some cool city you didn't even know].

But what about regular American food? A bread-type thing, a meat-type thing -- maybe a couple meat-type things, together -- a half-pound of salt, tomato-y liquid, a mound of melted cheese. The kind of food that makes you feel (or become) fat in a single sitting. Sans its Green Mill, where was Uptown going to get that?

Rest your hungry little heads. Red Cow, purveyors of hefty burgers in Edina, the North Loop, St. Paul, and the airport, will be firing up the grill at the former Green Mill site on Hennepin Aveune next week. The Star Tribune has details of the new joint, which sounds like a makeover from the way the pizza place used the space. 

A "rectangular bar" will greet diners in the area "just beyond the entryway." To the left (where Green Mill's bar was) will be a seated dining area, which leads out onto a patio. According to Red Cow's Facebook page, that looks like this.

What to order, for the uninitiated? Try the Caramel-Bacon Puffcorn for starters, wash it down with some beer (dozens of good options to choose from), wine (same!), a cocktail... and of course, a burger. Red Cow's got a selection of juiced-up angus burgers, or you can spring for cheffed-up or locally grass-fed beef for a couple bucks more. 

For its happy hour, Red Cow generally knocks two bucks off each drink price, and that or more off appetizers like poutine, wings, and cheese curds.