Pssst: Book Club, Kim Bartmann's latest, has sneakily opened in Armatage


No sign just yet, but we assure you there's a restaurant up and running in there Asher Miller on Instagram

Kim Bartmann's newest restaurant isn't the most search engine-friendly.

Google "Book Club Minneapolis," and you'll get a lot of listings for, well, book clubs in Minneapolis. (Which, not the worst thing -- One-Shot Comics seems pretty cool.)

But Book Club the restaurant, which has been in the works at the former Cafe Maude space in Armatage since June? That's a little tricker to track down info on, given that it has no website of its own ( serves as a landing page for now) and a basically blank Facebook page.

Bartmann, the restaurateur behind Bryant-Lake Bowl, Red Stag Supperclub, and a handful of other area hotspots -- most recently, Nighthawks/Birdie -- has been quite coy in discussing her latest. We knew it was going to be a California fusion joint, that it would do quite a bit of takeout... and not much else. 

Seems like things are about to become much clearer. Yesterday, Book Club chef Asher Miller -- formerly the kitchen boss at Barbette -- spilled the beans on Instagram: The restaurant is softly, sneakily open for dinner this week.

It doesn't have a sign out front just yet, nor are there hours, but Miller says they're open starting at 5:30 every day (ring 612-822-5411 to claim a table). Brunch kicks off at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. 

Book Club
5411 Penn. Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-822-5411

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