Parlour Bar 'deeply apologizes' for this past Sunday

Parlour Bar on a far less busy day.

Parlour Bar on a far less busy day. Facebook

Unless you're City Pages, no business is expected to deliver pure excellence every single day. 

Parlour Bar -- the burger/cocktail destination in Minneapolis' North Loop -- had a rough one this past Sunday. Admittedly understaffed, the restaurant was smacked so hard by a Memorial Day weekend rush, it was forced to close down early.

The Parlour team issued this Facebook mea culpa:

"We deeply apologize for those of you who came to enjoy the Parlour experience. Whether it was your first time or your 100th time, we failed to deliver the quality of product and service you each deserve. We were understaffed, we tried to right our wrongs, we did our best until we couldn’t anymore and decided to stop service early rather than continue to disappoint you."

The post urges diners who endured Sunday's subpar Parlour experience to reach out via [email protected]

Unlike those clowns in D.C., the eatery showcased genuine accountability after screwing up, which elicited warmly forgiving reactions in the comment section.

"Been in the biz for 19 years, and I have never seen a business take this approach," one user writes. "I admire the transparency."

In conclusion: Pobody's nerfect, as the old saying goes. 

Last year, Parlour Bar opened a sister restaurant (with pretty floors!) in St. Paul. Back in 2014, we named its burger the best dang dish in the entire dang town