Oh hell yeah: Sea Salt is coming back this Friday



In an ocean of bad news, here's a pearl of good news: Sea Salt, the beloved seasonal seafood shack by Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, is opening this Friday. 

"We are offering a pretty limited menu to start (sorry if your fave isn’t available) but hey, we have French fries in hopes of buying your love," the famously fry-shunning establishment announced via Facebook on Thursday evening. 

As with all restaurants in the age of COVID-19, things will look different for Sea Salt in 2020. Added safety measures have been implemented inside the kitchen, and staff members will be equipped with masks plus gloves. The model will be takeout-only through online ordering; no walk-ins will be accepted and patio tables/chairs will be packed away. You'll receive text/email confirmation when it's time to reel in your order. 

Which, actually, presents something of a scofflaw's picnic paradise. Typically, signs warn of not bringing beer or wine - which will also be available for takeout - past Sea Salt's patio area. Considering those items are still available, coupled with the fact we're living through a freaking plague, we anticipate a subtle wave of public-consumption protest throughout Minnehaha Regional Park. While we're certainly not advocating such actions, how sweet does a socially distanced hang with fried fish and beer in the park sound? 


No word yet on which treats from the deep will make the initial limited menu, but we know ice cream, unfortunately, did not. Beer and cider will be offered right away, while bottles of wine are coming "as soon as possible." 

"Please be patient with us as we adjust to a lot of changes," Sea Salt's comeback post concludes. "Online orders and many other revised processes make this feel like a whole new restaurant. Thanks for being the same awesome customers!"

Sea Salt will be open daily from from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 7:30.