Obliterated by storm last week, Northfield's Red Barn Pizza Farm is asking for help

Yes, it's technically just "Red Barn Farm," but you probably know 'em best for their brick oven pizzas.

Yes, it's technically just "Red Barn Farm," but you probably know 'em best for their brick oven pizzas. GoFundMe: Help Red Barn Farm

To our knowledge, there were no cows flying around, Twister-style—but the news is no less devastating for dairy lovers.

Northfield's Red Barn Farm—you may know it as one of the Midwest's preeminent pizza farms—was hit by a downright brutal storm last week, a storm that might've included a tornado. And the damage?

"Extensive" doesn't begin to cover it. Just check out the photo above. 

Now no more than a pile of rubble, here's what the picturesque barn and popular wedding venue used to look like:

GoFundMe: Help Red Barn Farm

GoFundMe: Help Red Barn Farm

It's a heart-breaker. And a GoFundMe campaign launched following the destruction will only make you sadder. 

"This beautiful barn was my family’s only source of income, their entire livelihood and future," writes Sarah Slinger (though she adds that, thankfully, no one was hurt). 

Still, "Their property is leveled, meaning their new commercial kitchen is also gone along with numerous other buildings." She goes on to say the family has put "everything they have" into the 100-year-old barn.

Meanwhile, according to WCCO, couples have been left "scrambling" to find last-minute wedding venue replacements—Red Barn was apparently booked two years out.

The crowdfunding page lists what is, quite frankly, an astronomical goal: $200,000. But maybe they'll get there? Just three days in as of this writing, folks had already donated more than $18,000 to the "trending" campaign.

Plus, we did help that dude raise $55,000 to make potato salad once. Don't we all want to live in a world where a midwestern farming family can blow past their fundraising goal and bring a brick-oven pizza operation back in similar blowout fashion?