Minnesota not even close to being the fattest state in the union, report says


We'll spend the state fair joyfully slathering butter on corn before dusting it with crushed Doritos and cheese. Still one of the least-fat states. Jerard Fagerberg

If there's one thing Midwesterners are tired of hearing, it's that we're all fat. 

We're so tired of hearing it, in fact, that it shows up in places like Buzzfeed (via the somewhat on-the-nose listicle "16 things all Midwesterners are tired of hearing") and Forbes ("Six ignorant stereotypes about Middle America").

It's an especially exhausting epithet given that we, uh, aren't.

WalletHub released a report yesterday that ranked our great nation from fattest to thinnest. Analysts took into account obesity rates, health consequences (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol), and assorted food and fitness factors (sugary beverage consumption, servings of fruits and veggies per day), ultimately determining that Mississippi is the fattest state, followed by West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Source: WalletHub

Folks on the West Coast and in the Northeast do tend to be thinner, but for the most part, the Midwest is pretty much in the middle of the pack. Minnesota, meanwhile, is sitting pretty at #40. 

So you can keep those kale salads, California. Enjoy your low-carb everything, New York (only five spots behind us at #35, by the way).

You can have our hot dish, dairy, and deep-fried everything when you pry them from our cold, greasy fingers. And only after we've died of natural causes unrelated to complications from obesity.

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