Minneapolis is the 4th most vegan-friendly city in America, says PETA

Just some of the sandwiches responsible for making Minneapolis a vegan's paradise.

Just some of the sandwiches responsible for making Minneapolis a vegan's paradise. Instagram: @theherbivorousb

When you think "vegan dining destination," no doubt you're thinking of such effortlessly hip, eclectic millennial meccas as Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and... Omaha?

Last week, PETA released its 2018 ranking of the "Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities" in the U.S. And they're all on there—Nebraska's biggest city included.

Minneapolis holds down the No. 4 spot on the animal rights group's annual list, the first time we've made it in more than a decade, but the Midwest in general has a strong showing. NYC is the only Northeast city to crack the top 10; meanwhile, in addition to Minneapolis and Omaha, Detroit, Kansas City, and Cleveland all make the cut.

What makes us so veg-friendly? PETA mostly gives it up for Northeast's vegan deli and sandwich shop, the Herbivorous Butcher, whose meatless meats are steadily snagging a spot on menus throughout the Twin Cities.

But that's not all: "From the Korean BBQ ribs at The Herbivorous Butcher to the Mexicali Not-Dogs at Muddy Waters Bar & Eatery, Minneapolis has no twin when it comes to hearty vegan dining," PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said in a statement. (Classic St. Paul dig!) PETA also shouts out the mock duck at the MSP airport's Republic restaurant (a very specific choice), Ginger Hop's tempeh Sloppy Joes, and the "delectable" vegan crêpes at Crepe and Spoon.

And St. Paul's all-vegan junk-food gem J. Selby's does get a shout-out as well... apparently it just wasn't enough to bump Kansas City from the list.

Better luck next year!

The full top 10:

1. Los Angeles, California
2. New York City, New York
3. San Francisco, California
4. Minneapolis, Minnesota
5. Portland, Oregon
6. Detroit, Michigan
7. Cleveland, Ohio
8. Omaha, Nebraska
9. Miami, Florida
10. Kansas City, Missouri