Midtown Global Market terminates Holy Land lease over racist social media posts

Facebook: Midtown Global Market

Facebook: Midtown Global Market

That was fast. 

On Thursday morning, news broke that Holy Land CEO Majdi Wadi had fired their catering director, who also happened to be his daughter Lianne Wadi, for racist social media posts. There was an Instagram photo involving a monkey, and a Twitter account seemingly belonging to Lianne that was very pro-Hitler, very anti-Jewish people, Black people, gay people, and fat people. 

(It's a lot. You can read all that here.)

By Thursday afternoon, Midtown Global Market -- which houses one of Holy Land's three locations -- had issued a short but effective public statement.

"Midtown Global Market is exercising its rights as landlord to immediately close the Holy Land Grocery, Butcher Shop, & Deli and terminate their lease," the Facebook post reads. 

That's it. End of discussion. Decision: made. 

"The comments on those posts do NOT in any way reflect those of the Midtown Global Market," management of Midtwon Global Market elaborated in a statement. "In fact, they are in direct opposition to the reason Midtown Global Market was created and opened in 2006: to be a shared community space and cultural center that celebrates the diversity of its business owners, guests, and visitors."

They continued: "In no way does Midtown Global Market tolerate any words, actions, or activity that do not support our global community."

Lianne Wadi was on WCCO last night to answer for those posts, where she said they don't reflect the kind of person she is anymore. "Those statements were made a long time ago, and like, I was at a different place in my life," Lianne said. You can watch that clip here. No word yet on what will happen with Holy Land's Northeast or MSP Airport locations. 

The Global Market is still closed for now, along with many of its neighbors, to "rebuild and heal" following the protests on Lake Street. They're taking donations via GoFundMe -- like so many other Minneapolis businesses you can help save right now.