Lyn-Lake's much-anticipated bagel shop will have a full bar (!), should open in June


Montreal-style bagels -- the wood-fired, crispier, seed-covered sibling of the New York variety -- are coming. Getty Images

We've been keeping a careful eye on Tim Niver's Twitter account of late -- and not just for the very good jokes about Mike Huckabee.

No, we've been watching because word got out in January that the guy behind Mucci's Italian and Saint Dinette would open a Lyn-Lake bagel shop and deli with Saint Dinette chef Adam Eaton and general manager Laurel Elm, and that it might open by April -- which, you'll note, it now is. Every carb-loving heathen in town has been salivating over the in-the-works eatery, ready to have a new breakfast spot from celebrated chefs to work into the rotation. And so, we've waited.

On Wednesday morning, Niver fired off a 273-character update on the progress at 901 W. Lake St. Here's the deal: It's gonna be called Maven; it'll have a full liquor license; it could be open by June. 

I mean, we're essentially just reporting on a tweet, so here -- read it in his own words:

There you have it! 

Maybe, as @Latinpig66 did, you're asking: "Concept?"

More tweet-reading-slash-reporting: Maven will "act like a deli but won’t adhere to traditional deli norms...more variety and a mix of traditional American, Middle Eastern and Eastern European foods. Bagels, raw bar, sandwiches, roasted meat and fish, dumplings, full bar, etc."

(He's also promised: "It'll be good!")

You can presumably follow the progress on Maven's freshly minted Twitter account. Or, like we said, on Niver's. He's funny!

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