Looks like Tim Hortons closed all of its Twin Cities locations

City Pages file

City Pages file

Rough day to be a Tim Hortons fan, eh?

The cult (I guess?) favorite donut and coffee shop—which opened to much fanfare at the Mall of America in 2016 and has been spreading throughout the Twin Cities these past few years—has seemingly shuttered all of its Twin Cities shops.

According to the Pioneer Press, an Eagan Hortons employee confirmed the closure Thursday, adding that the franchiser might also shut down the other Twin Cities locations. A sign posted at the downtown St. Paul location Thursday said the joint was closed "effective today," and the newspaper couldn't get folks on the phone at Dinkytown, Brooklyn Center, or the mall.

It seems to stem from a dispute between the franchising group (Tim-Minn Inc.) and Tim Hortons. The MN-based Tim-Minn sued its parent company earlier this year, Canada's Times Colonist reports, alleging price-gouging and misleading statements. 

The news must be a moose-sized blow for Canadian transplants and fans of the donut brand, who loved the tiny Timbits doughnut bites and turned to the chain for a taste of home. As Canadian Jacqueline Di Giacomo told CP at the MOA opening in 2016:

“It’s more of a feel. After a game, after dinner, it’s where you go. It’s where you hang out.” She said she dropped everything to come to the opening today, and is making off with a 40-pack of Timbits that she says she doesn’t dare touch until she gets them home to the kids. She's also bringing a 20-pack to her Canadian-born friend who couldn't make it today.

Our hearts go out to Jacqueline, wherever she is today, and to the many other Canadian transplants who no longer have their go-to coffee shop to turn to. As a longtime Bostonian whose heart aches for the days of having easy access to Dunkin Donuts' objectively mediocre coffee, I feel for you.