Last call for the Curious Goat: Food truck favorite to close this week

Say your gooey, cheesy goodbyes before Sunday.

Say your gooey, cheesy goodbyes before Sunday. The Curious Goat

It's the worst news for Twins fans since since Brian Dozier got traded to the Dodgers for a box of Cracker Jacks. 

The Curious Goat -- Modist Brewing's resident food truck, pre-Target Field dinner standby, and longtime City Pages favorite --  is calling it quits. The last day to pair your Dreamyard with some of the tastiest curds in town will be this Sunday, September 30.

Are we bummed about the impending shutter of our 2018 Best Food Truck pick? Yes. Do Ian and Kiri Gray, the duo behind the Curious Goat, have a super airtight, non-bummer reason for driving off into the sunset?

Also yes: They're moving on so they can provide more support and normalcy for their kids, ages three and a half and one.

"It was the best excuse we could muster up," Ian teases. "We kidnapped two kids and made up this whole story to get out of running our disaster business."

Far from being a disaster, the Curious Goat was pretty much the first food truck to figure out the brewery residency model, getting its start as a regular at Sociable Cider Werks in 2014 before making the move to Modist a year and a half ago.

The bright-orange burger-and-curd-mobile celebrated four successful years earlier this month, but this is a tough way to earn a living -- "It's just depressing pulling dishes out of the back of the truck in the winter when they're all frozen from snow" --  which is probably why only a few other breweries (FultonAble) have tried to make the model work since. 

Ian isn't going anywhere, and in fact, we have great news for anyone who's sampled the Goat's gnocchi: He's stepping into the kitchen as Martina's chef de cuisine. He sounds super excited to be able to play with pasta again, and to return to a more traditional restaurant setting, something he hasn't seen much of since closing Lyn-Lake's much-lauded Gray House in 2014.

Still, this wasn't an easy decision. "It comes with a lot of sadness," he says. "The relationships we built over the years -- between Sociable and Modist and other places and all the vendors that we use -- all those things have been as big a part of the business as the customers have been." The Modist crew sounds similarly happy-sad about the transition: "It is with many a mixed feeling that we share The Curious Goat's news ... The last 18 months of having The Goat outside our door have been an absolute blast."

Will the truck ever return to the Twin Cities? Kids do have a tendency to grow up, after all, and the Grays have the taproom-truck thing down to a science.

Ian says it isn't all that likely, but he isn't closing the sliding-glass window all the way, either.

"We have learned a lot over the past four years about the residency model... Maybe in five years we come back, hard. What we know now is what we should have known then."