Hot Indian Foods to fill Mama D’s-sized-hole at Global Market's State Fair booth

New sliders from Hot Indian Foods: Kentikka Fried Chicken

New sliders from Hot Indian Foods: Kentikka Fried Chicken Instagram / Hot Indian

After years operating a catering outfit, Destiny Brooks found a permanent home for her Southern cooking inside the Midtown Global Market about 18 months ago.

Mama D’s smoker could be seen there stocked with turkey legs, chicken, and ribs, accompanied by sides of greens, hushpuppies, and potato salad that sure didn’t suck. It didn’t take long for the spot to became a standout among an already stellar field of dining options in the market. 

But tragically, Brooks died recently, and her stand inside the Global Market closed in her wake. This left a Mama D’s-sized hole in the Global Market booth’s State Fair lineup from August 22 to 27, too. Luckily, Hot Indian Foods’ owner Amol Dixit and chef Janene Holig stepped up to fill in.

With only a few weeks weeks of preparation to feed so many thousands of people, Dixit and Holig conceived two new dishes for fairgoers’ enjoyment: a pair of Kentikka Fried Chicken sliders (pictured above), drizzled with creamy tikka sauce and dressed with a “zinger slaw,” and the vegan Bhel Puri, “a savory, crunchy, tangy snack mix from the streets of Mumbai to the Fair of Minnesota” that’s served in a cone. 

Hot Indian Foods will also serve hits from past years including Butter Chicken and Sweet Vegetable Samosas, along with favorite drinks to wash everything down, like Thums Up cola, Limca citrus soda, and Frooti, a mango juice box. 


Hot Indian Foods' new vegan Bhel Puri

Hot Indian Foods' new vegan Bhel Puri Instagram / Hot Indian Foods

City Pages wishes to extend heartfelt condolences to everyone feeling the loss of Destiny Brooks—from Midtown Global Market to the upcoming State Fair, and beyond. More info for ways to support the Rawls-Brooks family during this difficult time can be found here