Hi-Lo Diner is now open

Get in line. Hi-Lo Diner is open now.

Get in line. Hi-Lo Diner is open now.

If you haven't driven down East Lake Street after dark lately, now is a good time to jump in the car and do so. Tonight would be the ideal night, in fact. Hi-Lo Diner, Minneapolis' newest vintage diner, is lit up and ready to woo you with pancakes, adult milkshakes, and savory doughnuts.

Charming as all of that sounds, it might be tough to top the red glow of the neon sign, reflecting off the silvery facade. The place has turned this sometimes barren stretch of Lake into a ravishing, Hopperesque slice of Americana.

Hi-Lo celebrated its opening this morning on Facebook, saying it was met at 6:30 a.m. with a "line of smiling, hungry faces." 

4020 E. Lake St., Minneapolis