Here's your 2018 guide to (and interactive map of!) Minneapolis farmers markets

The Mill City Farmers Market: where your delicata dreams come true

The Mill City Farmers Market: where your delicata dreams come true Mill City Times

Folks, it's here. Warm weather. The consistent kind. The kind that has you carelessly cutting all your pants into shorts as it fills you with a singular, uncontrollable urge: I must buy locally grown chard and handmade soaps.

Fear not, warm weather warrior. Minneapolis has 30 farmers markets and mini-markets in 2018, the first of which (the Minneapolis Farmers Market on Lyndale Ave. North) opened on April 21. A handful of others have started up for the season since, and many more will be slingin' tomatoes and cukes soon.

The Nicollet Mall Market opens Thursday, and the Mill City Farmers Market—just named Best Farmers Market by your pals at City Pages!—switches from indoor to outdoor sales on Saturday. And when it opens this weekend, the Midtown market will even have a food truck fest to mark the occasion.

Looking for all this info and more in a handy list or interactive map form? 

The city has 'em both. Find the answers in list form here, where markets are sorted by neighborhood, with addresses, dates and hours, contact info, and food access or health benefits accepted. That interactive map is below, for the more visual learners among us. Or those who want to plan a Sunday-morning market crawl.

Or those who just want to hit up the place that's the shortest walk from the front door. (Hey, no judgement here! Food accessibility is kind of the point of these markets, after all.)

Correction, 4/30: An earlier version of this story said that the food truck fest is at the Mill City market. It isn't! It's at the Midtown one!