Guavas Cuban Cafe opens today in south Minneapolis' ol' Xavi spot

Look at that dang Cubano

Look at that dang Cubano Provided

The porktastic pleasures of Cuban cuisine are now available in the deep south of Minneapolis. 

Guavas Cuban Cafe opened its doors Wednesday at 5607 Chicago Ave. S. Owner Frank Machado -- known around town for his Twin Cities Paella stand/catering biz -- wanted to bring authentic Cuban flavors to the residential area where he lives and, now, works. 

"Cuban food is something I grew up eating in Miami," Machado says. "It’s just food that’s dear to my heart even though I'm Venezuelan; it’s food I’m excited about."

What can diners expect at Guavas? 

"We have sandwiches, rice bowls, grilled items with Spanish sauces," Machado says. "I wanted to keep it pretty traditional -- I got the recipes from uncles and things I learned at different restaurants along the way."

If the Cubano pictured above tastes half as good as it looks, Machado is on to something. 

Guavas will be open from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at first, but dinner hours will be added soon. 

That space's previous tenant, Xavi, lasted two years before shutting down this fall.