Funky Grits is stuck in 'plumbing hell,' but let's check out the 'soul-inspired' menu

Cheddar grits? Check. House pork? Of course. But also, plenty for vegans and vegetarians.

Cheddar grits? Check. House pork? Of course. But also, plenty for vegans and vegetarians. Funky Grits

After a handful of false starts for Funky Grits—three, if you're counting along at home—we were tickled to bring you the news back in January that Jared Brewington had at last secured a space for his soul food restaurant.

No, for real this time.

Better yet, joking that maybe he'd "teased the public a little too much over the last year and a half," Brewington promised a speedy turnaround at 805 E. 38th St. in south Minneapolis. (That address formerly housed the Boost-Mobile-store-slash-fried-chicken-joint Hell's Chicken and Fish.)

At the time, he was ambitiously shooting for early March; he later told the Strib he hoped to open April 1.

But that was before a plumbing snag set everything back. April came and went, and we waited, visions of cheddar grits and country ham dancing in our heads. 

We're still waiting, but here's a little something to tide everyone over in the interim: On Wednesday, Brewington shared the Funky Grits menu in full. As promised, there's a "Bobby Marshall" burger on there, and you'll find the aforementioned cheddar grits and ham in the "Soggy Bottom" (along with braised pork belly, biscuits, red eye gravy, and an over easy egg).

There's also plenty for young soul food fans on the Lil Funkateers menu (chicken tenders, peanut butter and honey), and vegans and vegetarians can go for the "Hoppin' John" burger, the "Purple Reign" salad, and lots more. The whole thing is listed below (except for the beers, which will be furnished by Bauhaus, and the wine, which comes from Riverbench Wine in Santa Maria, California).

As for a new opening date?

Brewington told us Wednesday he can't say for sure until he gets through "final plumbing hell"—somewhat fitting, giving the building's previous tenant, no? But it shouldn't be too much longer now.

Yeah, we know. You've heard that one before.