Friday brew and food truck roundup

Cajun 2 Geaux shows up at Harriet Brewing on Friday and 612 Brew on Saturday

Cajun 2 Geaux shows up at Harriet Brewing on Friday and 612 Brew on Saturday

The best way to beat those winter -- wait, we mean spring -- blues is to quaff a few craft brews while feasting from some of our favorite mobile food vendors. We have your weekend rundown on who will be where, plus information about Fulton's Beer Truck Fest. 

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Hot dogs and brewsky go together like carrots and peas, peanut better and jelly - you get the picture. 

A zesty ginger-infused Maryanne would certainly go nicely with a meaty Melch's sandwich. 

We certainly have missed that Currito in this off-season. Happy to see them back. And to be eaten with a Sweet Child o' Vine? That is just about as perfect a pairing as you can get.

Grab a taste of the Bayou in south Minneapolis.

Pop a top on the craft beer in a can and enjoy with a barbecue pork sandwich straight from Northeast's favorite bar-owned food truck.

Customize that mac and cheese any way you choose with the variety of toppings on the RA Mac Sammy truck. A comforting dish paired with the original St. Paul craft beer.


Cajun to Geaux and 612 Brew

Potter's Pasties and Harriet Brewing

Simply Steve's and Indeed Brewing

Fulton Brewery will also host its first food truck fest. One Saturday every month, coinciding with a Twins Game, Fulton will throw a bash that includes mobile food vendors. This weekend AZ Canteen will make its grand return from a winter spent in Miami. MidNord Empanadas and Cafe Racer will also bring their warm-weather-inspired food to the party. It's a perfect antidote this tenacious season.