Fair State brewed a beer just for Edina: Cake Drinker IPA

A lactose-free milkshake IPA? Leave it to Fair State.

A lactose-free milkshake IPA? Leave it to Fair State. Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Edina beer lovers can now have their cake and drink it, too.

Cake Drinker IPA is a vegan "milkshake" IPA brewed by Fair State Brewing Cooperative, just for the blue-blood 'burb of Edina. As in, just for Edina: A few kegs of Cake Drinker have been tapped in the brewery's northeast Minneapolis taproom, but you'll only find the highfalutin hazy beer in cans at the three municipal Edina Liquor Stores.

Nick Gerth, Fair State sales manager, explains that the beer was brewed in collaboration with Edina Liquors, whose GM Josh Furbish is a taproom regular. The two had considered doing a gimmicky but good beer together for a while.

“He had talked to the city about doing something that would be poking fun at themselves,” Gerth explains, ideally to be released around the same time as Edina High's homecoming. Milkshake IPAs are all the rage right now—what if they touched on that trend with a cake batter version that played up Edina's cake-eater rep

Here's where you might wonder, as we did, how they possibly got Fair State head brewer Niko Tonks—self-proclaimed lager-head and "homer for pilsners"—on board. This is a guy who, earlier this year, tweeted the following:

"Oh, Niko had no interest in putting cake batter in the beer,” Gerth laughs. "But he said we could do something closer to a regular style.”

Thus, Cake Drinker's vegan-ness, which isn't just another jab at Edina's elite: Tonks didn't want to add lactose, which is how most milkshake IPAs get made. Instead, they had to get creative to mimic those cake-batter flavors.

Rather than getting milky with it, Cake Drinker is brewed with vanilla and coconut. Citra hops give it that IPA backbone, along with fruity, pineapple-y notes. It's not a sugar bomb; it's a kinda-fruity, vaguely sweet brew that actually might pair nicely with your next Funfetti. 

Gerth says since Cake Drinker dropped, he's had other liquor stores asking for their own special beer. Could a Wayzata Weiss or Roselle-dale Center be on the horizon?

It's possible! Cake Drinker's been selling well, he says. But it’s also their first liquor store collab... and all would be contingent with getting Tonks on board. If they do brew another city-specific offering, it probably won't be anything like this one. 

“I know it’s not his favorite beer that he’s brewed," Gerth chuckles. "It’s the closest we’ll probably get to a true milkshake IPA.”