Eat Street's Zettas expands with patio seating, is scheming beer and wine

Zettas is ready and waiting for you

Zettas is ready and waiting for you Instagram / Zettas

If you don’t already know about adorable and delicious Zettas, you're both really missing out and can almost be forgiven. Up until recently, the six month-old self-proclaimed home of “somewhat original flatbread sandwiches” had been one of Eat Street's more hidden gems, tucked away next to a MetroPCS store, above the old Evergreen Chinese (RIP).

Despite a small, perfectly cheeky sign out front, chances are better that someone told you about Zettas' white tiled parlor trimmed in lavender neon than you noticed it while passing by… At least until a couple weeks ago, when they built a patio.

The littlest wrap shop that could just got bigger

The littlest wrap shop that could just got bigger Instagram / Zettas

As we’re wont to do, City Pages stopped in to grab the day’s special (an over-the-moon off-menu combo of arugula, pepperoni, honey, and ricotta) and wound up gabbing all things expansion with co-owner Sophia Munch, who was just wrapping up Zettas’ busiest day yet.

Much of that new business was directly attributable to the patio, designed by Alexander. Munch laughed, “It's like a 3-D sign.”

“It has definitely changed business in a positive way. It was pretty instantaneous,” she continued. “People were like, ‘Oh, how are your first couple weeks going?’ and we were like ‘We’ve been open for six months, nice to meet you.’ They’re like, ‘Cool, we never knew about this building.’” 

The addition of outdoor dining more than doubles the shop’s capacity. With a planter going in soon, it’s set to give off some big pergola energy. Munch was quick to joke that it'll stay open all winter for the hearty, for ricotta snowball fights. 

This is the warmth that their customers have come to cherish about Zettas even in its first handful of months in business. The food is fantastic, of course, but as an establishment, it has personality to spare. Good thing, too, with the plans they have. 

“We’re actually going to get a little hallway space here. Hopefully for a beer and wine license, so we’ll actually be building out this hallway to do more interior space for winter,” continued Munch, more seriously talking about plans for the cooler months ahead.

With more room for lingering snackage, plus the potential of alcohol on the horizon, Zettas is priming itself to be the smallest juggernaut on Eat Street, and we’ll be here for it.

2424 Nicollet Ave. Suite B, Minneapolis
Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.