Eat Street Social launches exclusive drink club for craft cocktail connoisseurs

A frothy booze treat from Eat Street Social

A frothy booze treat from Eat Street Social

Gone are the days when drinking was kept only to back rooms and speakeasys. Or are they? With a special new program at Eat Street Social, craft cocktail connoisseurs can add a bit of the mystery back into their libation enjoyment. 

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Eat Street Social has created a small number of pins (pictured below) that customers can purchase and wear to gain entrance into special cocktail events. The bar's impressive stable of talent will mix up drinks and serve them at special hush-hush locations. Could there be a Gatsby-style boat party cruising down the Mississippi River? Or will club members be invited to a shadowy building under cover of night for a swinging bathtub gin-soaked hootenanny? Only pin holders will know. Four events will be held each year.

To purchase the pins, you only need to inquire at the bar. They're $50 for a lifetime membership, which will also include exclusive information on upcoming cocktail classes, discounts, and early reservations for special dinners at the restaurant.

If you're curious about what they're pouring at Eat Street Social these days, there's an event this week that will give you a taste of the inspiration part-owner, barman extraordinaire, Nick Kosevich has picked up from a recent trip to Paris. On Wednesday, April 30 at 7 p.m. there will be a cocktail dinner featuring Pierre Ferrand cognac, Citadelle gin, and Plantation Rum. Guest bartender Justin Burrow of Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge in Houston, Texas will also be playing with spirits to diners' delight. 

Tickets are $70 and there are a few spots left. Reserve your seat or find out more about the pins by contacting the restaurant.

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