Dying to flip a shrimp into your hat? Now you can “be the chef” at Benihana


Been itching to get those spatulas in your hand? Now you can. Photo courtesy of Benihana Facebook page

Diners at Benihana are like ladies at a strip club when they’ve had too many shots. They think they could really give it a go!

And now, they can. Benihana is offering “Be The Chef” gift packages, allowing anyone a chance at head-spinning spatula-chopping and shrimp-flipping. Move on over to the other side of the hibachi table and show your family what you got.

The fee includes a one-on-one training session with a Benihana chef, a live culinary performance for your invited guests, entrees and fried rice for all of those guests, and a bunch of commemorative stuff.

Be The Chef packages start at $200 for a guest chef and three guests, and go up by $50 for each additional guest.

And sorry, no kids. Guest chefs gotta be at least 18.

Purchase packages here. 

Be The Chef from Benihana on Vimeo.

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