Drink of the week: W.A. Frost & Company's Pimm's Negroni

A perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

A perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

Pimm's Negroni $8.50

W.A Frost & Company 374 Selby Ave., St. Paul 651.224.5715; W.A. Frost website

Sitting at the historic bar at W.A. Frost & Company is always a lovely experience. The soaring ceilings covered in intricate tin, rich dark woodwork, and vintage lantern-style lighting create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and elegant in a Tennessee Williams kind-of-way. And the bartenders have clearly been giving extra thought to their cocktail list, with new drinks popping up like the tulips of spring.


This cocktail is anchored with Pimm's #1--an English liqueur that is gin-based, and flavored by secret recipe with fruit, spice, and botanicals, which also tastes a bit like black tea. You rarely see Pimm's used in cocktails other than the traditional Pimm's Cup, so it was swell to try this drink with sweet vermouth adding notes of raisin, and cava bringing brightness and fizz. The bitterness of the Pimm's has a nice parallel to Campari, which is used in a traditional Negroni. The sugar, spice, and floral notes were in fine balance, and we can see the Pimm's Negroni as a perfect sip for the warmer days to come.