Downtown Minneapolis is getting a wine bar! (Why can't it just open today?)


Note: This wine is not being poured for you at Haskell's Wine Bar right now. But it will probably be just like this! Bill Hogan, Star Tribune

 Let's start with the good news. 

Some day very soon, you will be able to stand up from your desk, look upon the miserable faces of your coworkers, and say: "Hey, why don't we call it a day and check out that new wine bar?"

Now the bad news. That day is not today. 

Eater reports that Haskell's, the 83-years-and-counting Minneapolis liquor store, is preparing to open a not-too-fancy wine bar across the street from Target on Nicollet Mall, in a space formerly occupied by a Dunn Brothers coffee shop. (Dunn Brothers closed there last year, citing decreased foot traffic during construction, and layoffs at Target corporate.) 

Haskell's will also be moving its lunch counter to the new location, which means sandwiches, cheeses, salads... let's get back to the wine, shall we?

Haskell's COO Brian Ferrell tells Eater the bar will have plenty of glasses for under $10, with pours coming in three, six, and nine (!) ounce options. Says Ferrel: "We don't want to be a snooty wine bar."

Meaning: They'll let in just about anyone. Even you, Wayne. 

Even beer drinkers: Haskell's Wine Bar will also have brews on tap, with more in bottles. Somehow we're confident they'll have a good selection. 

The bar will open sometime "in September" -- that's as specific as they got -- which means you've got at least a few more weeks to wait. In the meantime, when the afternoon drag kicks in, we suggest inviting your colleagues to go look at the door where the new bar will be, and imagine you're inside. 

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