Dear Chefs: When it comes to tater tots, you cannot beat the frozen food aisle at Cub


And then God came down from the mountain and said unto thee: "Is it to much to ask to lose the yuppie tater tots, for chrissakes?" Wikimedia

Reader Greg Peterrson responds to 10 foods you'll miss if you move away from Minnesota:

I like the piece, but disagree on the tater tots.

We've seen them messed around with plenty. One fairly fancy local eatery does this thing where what they call tater tots is more like deep-freid mashed potatoes with crinkly crust. Abysmal. And then there are those that are truffled and cheesed and rosemaried and whatall.

Attention all chefs and cooks: When people order tater tots, what they want is something very much like the Ore-Ida stuff in the Cub frozen food section. Nothing more or less. 


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