Curbside service: Minnesota's restaurants and breweries with takeout for coronavirus

They're waiting. Next move belongs to you.

They're waiting. Next move belongs to you. Rainbow Chinese / Instagram

Remember that time when all restaurants and breweries closed all dine-in service per a state mandate? Though it feels like a lifetime ago, that just happened Tuesday… evening.

While our favorite eateries navigate uncertain waters, we – the hungry and thirsty masses – can provide a little bit of safe harbor for our cherished dining establishments. Buying gift cards and merch, venmoing their forcibly idle staff, and patronizing the living shit out of them when they reopen are all great ideas. 

For those blessed in bank account and health, trusting them to feed and quench you in the here-and-now is also monumentally important. Restaurants and breweries have developed a dizzying, unique variety of takeout options, delivery schemes, and curbside pickup protocols designed just to keep you fed and safe in this moment, not three months from now.

As a tiny gesture of thanks for all the times they were there to host your birthday dinners, bachelor(ette) parties, personal holidays your boss didn’t need to know about, and/or maybe provide a couple hours of kindness after a really shitty day, just… show up for them

With new menus cropping up daily even from old standards, this map – sleekly assembled and maintained by WCCO in a capacity deserving several rounds of applause and maybe a cookie or two – is among the easiest ways to find out what everyone is up to, what they’re offering, and when.

Bonus: It's a map, so it literally shows you how to get to your food! 

(An alphabetized list of restaurants included can be found in the dropdown menu here.) 

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild has also developed their own craft beer-specific map outlining the breweries and brewpubs who've pivoted to offering craft suds to-go now that taprooms have closed.

Their beer map is searchable by brewery name, scrollable for perspective, and interactive in just about every way. Go to the full map page (not just that embedded below) to find a drop-down menu alphabetically listing all participating establishments. Clicking on an individual brewery (or its mug map icon) reveals details about their services.

First you digitally zoom in to find a beer, then you physically zoom in to pick it up! So simple, right? 

Don’t see your establishment on this beer map and want to fix that?

“Breweries do NOT need to be members of our Guild to be included,” Jess Talley told us. “We're all in this together!” Please contact the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild at [email protected] for instructions on how to be added. 

Can't find anything on these maps to fill either a culinary void in your heart, or still looking for something to get ya sauced that's curb-adjacent? Welp, we hate to break it to you… but you're more likely to croak than the service industry!