Chrissy Teigen says 'hi' to Minneapolis, is flooded with restaurant recommendations, may still be roaming our streets


Eat is a synonym for party, actually. Been meaning to take that up with the folks at Webster's. Twitter

Chrissy Teigen loves food. 

She loves it so much that, according to Buzzfeed, her food posts have made you say, "Same," on no fewer than 19 occasions. (Also, as discovered by Buzzfeed staffers last month, she's been running a "secret" food blog since 2011.)

And while the model is -- tragically or not, depending on how you look at it -- no longer 'gramming food photos to focus on posting butts instead, she has in no way lost her lust for snacking. Take this tweet from last night saying 'sup to Minneapolis: 

Which, of course, invited a stream of suggestions she didn't actually ask for from Twin Cities eaters, all hungry to prove to the celeb that their favorite establishment -- or, at the very least, one near their apartment where they'd be likely to run into her -- was worth checking out.

Some highlights: Teigen now knows Milkjam Creamery named a tropical sorbet after her...

Aaaaand she's learned about the Jucy Lucy at Matt's.

It is erotic, isn't it? Welcome to Minneapolis, Chrissy, the city so sensual even our burgers ooze sex appeal.

Hola Arepa, Young Joni, and Glam Doll Donuts all got multiple shout outs as well, along with Spoon & Stable and Bachelor Farmer. 

Also, dozens of people invited Teigen to eat with them, natch.

Y'all thirsty af, MPLS.

UPDATE: It seems Teigen is on a Ju(i)cy Lucy tour of the Twin Cities, and has enlisted local food dude Andrew Zimmern as a guide. Check her Twitter feed for more urgent updates. 

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