Burger King customer 'demanded food', gets kicked out, kicked [VIDEO]


The woman, 20, was said to use 'fighting words' when she first entered the Burger King in St. Paul. Facebook

 A cellphone video captured in St. Paul on Labor Day begins with Burger King employees standing over a woman just outside the chain restaurant's door.

A male employee appears to be holding the woman in place. The woman kicks up at the Burger King employees, and the two women above her kick back. Eventually those workers go back into the building; the man who'd been restraining the non-Burger King character yanks her away from the building, then makes his way back inside the restaurant, shutting the door behind him.

The video has spread quickly since it was published on Facebook -- 61,000 views and counting, in 24 hours -- though the 65-second clip is lacking in context.

The Pioneer Press has filled in the details: The 20-year-old woman had been inside the BK on Maryland Avenue around 11:00 a.m. Monday when she "aggressively demanded food," using profanity and 'fighting words," according to a police department spokesman. 

Employees tried telling the woman to leave, at which point she "became violent," causing employees to call police and forcibly remove her from the burger joint premises.

When police arrived they found the still-upset woman banging on the drive-thru window, with a "disheveled" appearance, and screaming. An officer was able to convince the woman to take a trip in a squad car to United Hospital, where she was taken for evaluation. 

A Burger King manager declined to comment to the Pioneer Press, directing all questions about the incident to police. 

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