Bon Appetit says the 4th of July is perfect for spritzin’, so we found the most American spritz available

Punch Bowl Social's sells the Whopper™ of spritzes

Punch Bowl Social's sells the Whopper™ of spritzes Courtesy Punch Bowl Social

Well, it’s official. The spritz is *America’s* drink of the summer, per Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapoport. Just yesterday, the food outlet’s editor in chief declared as much in their newsletter, encouraging the parched masses to spritz their way through our Fourth of July holiday.

Spritz traditionalists know that the most basic form of the drink involves an Italian aperitif (usually Aperol or Campari) poured over ice, topped with club soda and prosecco, and garnished with an orange or lemon twist, maybe an olive if you’re nasty. Most of the time, these spritzes end up an orangey-blush color—the liquid embodiment of what a hot Italian afternoon-in-a-wine-glass might look like. Since at least the 1950s, this simple drink has been a go-to for daytime sipping: It’s just chilled enough, lightly effervescent, and not terribly boozy.

If it seems odd that the folks at one of America’s premiere food outlets would suggest a deeply Italian drink for our most bombastic, patriotic holiday, it’s worth noting that the spritz’s popularity (in all its forms) has been on the rise since this time last year. This is largely due to a campaign designed by Campari itself, hoping to achieve just that. The spritzin’ trend has only recently caught on in the Twin Cities, despite having inspired hot takes we Internet People have, on occasion, loved to argue over.

Need to try it before you decide where to land on the issue? Lots of places around town make a grand spritz: Barbette, Eat Street Social, Mucci’s Minneapolis, and Bar La Grassa all do it justice. But only the folks at Punch Bowl Social truly understand what’s most important when taking something Italian and turning it American. At their West End location, Punch Bowl Social is selling what they call a “Spritz to Share.” Served in a cut-glass bowl, the version at Punch Bowl debuted a month ago in a size big enough for four people. It’s like the Whopper of spritzes.

If it feels like informed decision-making plays an increasingly scarce role in American culture every year, maybe just go with BAs suggestion and get a spritz in your hand on the Fourth by hook or by crook? That feels horribly patriotic, too. 

No matter where you land on the drink, and whether Rapoport is committing blasphemy by advocating for the spritz to be the Fourth of July 2019’s go-to concoction, his idea is pure in spirit: “When it is above 75 degrees and there is a body of water within a Nerf football’s throw, I will drink pretty much anything as long as there is enough ice and fizz—and it’s not too strong.”

A solid plan for the Fourth, if you ask meno matter what ends up in your glass.