Benedict's will bring breakfast, brunch, and lunch to a new city

Hey, that's one of the proverbial Benedicts right there!

Hey, that's one of the proverbial Benedicts right there! Benedict's

Benedict's first "modern diner" arrived in downtown Wayzata in October 2017, where they've been serving brioche French toast, breakfast hashes—and yes, plenty of eggs benny—to hungry folks in the Promenade of Wayzata shopping center since.

The restaurant, full name "Benedict's Morning Heroes," is a place where they "champion the morning," an idea some CP staffers were ready to roll their eyes at until they realized they'd threatened to sleepily massacre a few birds that were chirping a little on the early side this very day.

Maybe the a.m. does need a champion. Either way, the whole idea must be working: According to a press release last week, chef Mike Rakun and his team are already expanding, bounding into Rochester with the same "upbeat, preppy vibes ... that have made Wayzata such a fun place to start the day."



You can expect the same kinds of sandwiches, pancakes, and eggy offerings at the second Benedict's. Like its older sibling, it's a breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot, with hours from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

But don't let those early hours fool you: This is a sunrise happy hour kind of joint, with Bloodys and cocktails making it "the perfect place to stop for a third-shift happy hour or to celebrate a special occasion." Its cheery hues and abundance of greenery you can thank Shea Design for.

The consciously colorful, happy decor isn't an accident. “In addition to becoming part of the fabric of Rochester for the locals, you’ve got visitors in the area for various reasons, often medical or health-related,” says Chef Rakun, referring, we've gotta guess, to the Mayo Clinic. “Being able to make someone’s day with breakfast, starting it off right, will really be special for us.”

Benedict's No. 2 will open on June 10, per the release, in the Hilton at 10 E. Center St.