Beer of the Week: Sweet Yamma Jamma from Indeed Brewing

A sweet and spicy Beer of the Week from Indeed Brewing in Northeast

A sweet and spicy Beer of the Week from Indeed Brewing in Northeast

It may be all about the Oktoberfest beers in early fall, but this week's Beer of the Week is an entirely different style that speaks to the season. Brewing's Sweet Yamma Jamma is a medium-bodied clear ale brewed with familiar Thanksgiving dinner flavors such as pulverized sweet potatoes and candied yams.

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The finished product is a pumpkin-type beer for people who don't even like pumpkin beers. How do they do it?

"We take 480 pounds of jumbo sweet potatoes, chop them into chunks with the biggest cleaver you've ever seen, and then run them through an oversized food processor that shreds them into itty bitty pieces," says Indeed co-founder Rachel Anderson. "The next morning the potatoes are added to the mash along with European malts. Then about 6 days later, after primary fermentation is complete, we macerate canned sweet potatoes into a slurry along with a secret blend of spices and inject the mixture into the fermenter."

The result is richer, subtler, and less sweet than most other fall-flavored brews. Sweet Yamma Jamma has the earthy notes of root vegetables and the warm spice of ginger, nutmeg, and a little bit of cinnamon, without tasting like liquified pie. It drinks dangerously easy and has a nice dry finish, so it's celebratory but still sophisticated. 

Sweet Yamma Jamma is on tap now at the Blue Door and the Happy Gnome, both in St. Paul, at Hello Pizza in Edina and at Republic 7 Corners. If you'd rather enjoy this sweet potato pie ale at home, six packs of cans are available at better liquor stores all over the Twin Cities including Zipps, Surdyk's, and Ale Jail.

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