Bar Brigade: A new restaurant for J.D. Fratzke of Strip Club Meat & Fish


Chef J.D. Fratzke of the soon-to-close Strip Club Meat & Fish is set to open Bar Brigade. Star Tribune

Remember when I said we shouldn't cry too long and hard for our fallen restaurants? I meant it.

Because when an old, beloved place goes away, it often frees up the players to do something new and more fitting for the current scene.

You can see this playing out all over the place right now like restaurant whack-a-mole: down goes this one, but up pops another!

The most recent example comes from J.D. Fratzke, who recently announced he and partner Tim Niver (also of Mucci's) would close their iconic St. Paul steakhouse, Strip Club, this summer.

But now, Stephanie March of Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine reports that Fratzke, along with business partner Matty O'Reilly (owner of Republic at Seven Corners and also Fratzke's partner in Red River Kitchen at City House) will open Bar Brigade in the old Ristorante Luci space. 

That's a lot of links, and a lot to keep up with, and illustrative of how busy our town is when it comes to the business of opening restaurants. 

The menu at Bar Brigade is expected to be vegetarian-heavy, casually French-influenced, with rose wine on tap. Dinner only.


Ristorante Luci in St. Paul. STAR TRIBUNE

Projected opening date is sometime in "the next 60 days." 

Bar Brigade
470 Cleveland Ave S., St Paul


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