Attention fried-chicken fans: Bonchon has finally opened in Uptown

You could be eating this Korean-style fried chicken later today.

You could be eating this Korean-style fried chicken later today. Facebook: Bonchon Uptown Minneapolis

After announcing plans for an Uptown Minneapolis location earlier this year, the forthcoming Bonchon has spent the last several months tantalizing would-be wing-eaters with a series of food porn-y Facebook photos.

Each has been met with a frustrated chorus of "WHEN ARE YOU OPENING?!" from fans of the Korean-style fried chicken chain, a chorus that increased in pitch and anger and use of caps lock as time went on.

Well pound those punctuation keys no more, social media warriors: At last, Bonchon Uptown has opened at 1414 W. Lake St. And rather quietly—it was up and running at 4 p.m. Wednesday, signaling the news with only a vague, "You know what day it is" post. (#WingsWednesday.)

They gave pro Instagram eater @phatphood a more in-depth scoop: It's dinner-only for now (4 - 11 p.m.), with lunch debuting next week. (There's also no beer yet.) You'll want to be patient on many fronts, in fact—the double-fried method Bonchon uses to get that crackly, crispy meat means orders can take up to 30 minutes

And when you factor in the hour-long waits that were reported when Bonchon opened in Chicago last year?

Might wanna get in line... now.

Eventually, weekend hours will stretch until 2 or 3 a.m., and not long after that, there'll be not one but TWO locations to satisfy your late-night Korean fried chicken cravings. As previously reported, Bonchon's also headed for the old Vescio's space in Dinkytown.