Are you the 'beautiful' customer this guy met at Milkjam?

Can Milkjam help Andrew find the woman he met in line?

Can Milkjam help Andrew find the woman he met in line? Milkjam Creamery Instagram/Twitter

Milkjam Creamery delivers what you want in an ice cream shop: Damn good ice cream, lots of flavors, and served up cold and fast.

But what if you're looking for more from your local ice cream provider? What if you want something that won't start melting right when it comes your way, and will instead grow stronger over time? What if your stomach isn't the only part of you that craves a little sweetness?

What about your heart?

Milkjam's got you there too, apparently. As of yesterday, the popular Uptown Minneapolis ice cream shop (sister joint to World Street Kitchen) is giving signal boost to the quest of a lovelorn young man named Andrew Kinney. 

It seems that back in late July, Kinney, of Minneapolis, stood in line at Milkjam with a comely lass who caught his eye. She looked back. Those Milkjam lines can be quite long in the summer months, and soon enough the two of them got to talking. 

Clearly they hit it off, at least in Kinney's eyes. Later, he took to Facebook to rue his missed opportunity, and to apologize for not seizing the moment.  Kinney wrote:

"To the beautiful girl in line at Milkjam Creamery who talked to me and who kept looking at me, I'm sorry I didn't ask for your number. I failed you. I failed myself. I failed the world.
Will we meet again? I hope so.

Kinney's message got a number of follow-up comments, though, sadly, none were Kinney posting to say he'd tracked down the hot, chatty ice cream companion of his dreams.

Milkjam to the rescue. Well, maybe.

Sure, 40 days, several tropical storms, and one solar eclipse have passed since Kinney posted his plea. But isn't it true what they say, that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that chance encounters at ice cream parlors are the key to a happy marriage?

OK, so, mostly they only say that first part. Perhaps some day they'll have a reason to say the second.

UPDATE: Andrew Kinney, our Facebook romantic, has contacted City Pages with "a clue" that might help the woman in question know that she's the one. " We talked about a specific movie that I have never seen. There was a large dog in line behind us and she said the dog reminded her of the one in the movie. If she can tell me what that movie was (hint: Classic 90's movie) then I'll know it's her." Ring any bells, women of the Milkjam line?