Another dive down? Looks like Malina's Sports Bar is for sale

Bill Lindeke

Bill Lindeke

Last week, it was the Vadnais Inn, the 80-year-old "red shed" in the St. Paul 'burbs that will shutter this summer to make way for I-694 construction. 

This week, the dive that looks to be on its last legs is Malina's Sports Bar in Frogtown.

Twin Cities Sidewalks blogger Bill Lindeke has the scoop: Apparently the sale was an item on last week's City Council agenda. He notes that Malina's is one of the last bars left standing on Dale Street, an area that "used to have a bunch of dives but has become more economically marginalized ever since half of Dale Street was bulldozed and the street expanded back in the 1960s."

The bar most recently made headlines in 2014, when then-owner Vone Moua was tragically shot and killed over a $20 pool dispute. (The shooter, Cheng Veng, was later convicted and sentenced to more than 41 and a half years, according to the Pioneer Press.)

Google lists Malina's as being "permanently closed," and a call placed to the bar Monday returned a robo-recording from Verizon saying the number was no longer in service. But Lindeke writes that the current owners are hoping to sell the place, transfer the liquor license, and keep it open.